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  November 2016
volume 13 number 2
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Don Kingfisher Campbell
November 2016






I walk on hot sidewalk
To the address where
Our hearts used to live

The house is gutted inside
After decades of neglect
Sun shining through windows

And rain has merely contributed
Long tears on the inner walls
Of today's empty shell

Full of memories I finger
Holes in the peeling sides
Fragments fall to the dusty floor

There once were two stories here
Even in this decay I can see
Bright green leaves wave in

From the strong trees
That loved to surround us
Smiling at our naivete

You came home from work
Every evening to cook rice
Baking a happy kitchen

Later a gleeful bedroom
We laughed making love
On store bought sheets

We broke the legs of the bed
With our enthusiasm
But it didn't matter

We sat side by side
Surfing laptops
In two languages

Now I stand alone
Inside this wreckage
The ceiling fans still spin

In my mind it is
Just a breeze that has
Passed into a cloudless sky

A brilliant sun that forgot
Each day was memorable
For good and bad

I want to bring back
Past light to break again
So we can see our lives

Trespassing on this street
In which we walked
Holding precious hands

Up to the market
Or to the park to play
With the ducks down the way

Are those sunbeams
No only recollections
Of my abandoned safety

Old books strewn
Around the ex-carpet
Tell a poetry I remember

Enough to bind them
In my mindheart
Preserved until the passage

Of time shakes memory
Like atoms in the air
Floating freely everywhere

copyright 2016 Don Kingfisher Campbell