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  November 2016
volume 13 number 2
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John LaMar Elison
November 2016



photo by richard lee miller

    John LaMar Elison has lived a life reading between the lines, finding the good seat on bad bus trips, and hunting amongst the stacks. He writes and fights and bathes by candlelight. His poetry may be reminiscent of letters from prison, but John has never served time.



Voyage of the Super Commuter

Between the hours
Of Luna and Sol
I suit up and slip out
Like the first "I love you."

I wait at 28th and Adeline,
Not like Armstrong,
But more like Gramma's clothes
On the line

To board
                [too bored]
The U.S.S. Golden Gate Transit
Liminal Space Ship--
--"To redundancy and beyond!"

This cabin induces fatigue
And fog, not unlike
The grey Martian moss
Floating outside my
Window. And, even this skyline

Gets reduced to merely a
Slit under the atmospheric pressure of
Sleep. I sleep
Hard and dream
Of urban orbits.

Every stop a
Middle place, a
Third space, a
Fight for a better
Tomor- seat-.

What's more, there's that
Stranger's face
That sits like
A carbon copy
Mirage, a
Scratch 'n' sniff cardboard

But when we awkwardly
Share a glance
I see in those eyes,
Framed in shadow and
Exhaustion, eyes

That look too much like
Mine, a canary passenger,
Another cosmonaut,
Floating debris,

copyright 2016 John LaMar Elison