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  November 2017
volume 14 number 2
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Sir Mark Bruback
November 2017



    Sir Mark ' the poet' Bruback is a Seattle-based spoken-word poet. Performing with diverse bands and talent with social political themes, he has traveled the world and released 14 books of poetry, and is also considered an Illuminati expert, as well as a Knight Templar who served as commander of Seattle #2.
Sir Mark the Poet



Current Events

She hates Muslims, he hates Jews;
Getting so emotional watching the news,
And all this death giving us the blues,
So we miss the meaning of the ruse,
Divided and conquered the people loose,
Proactive or apathetic, what will you choose?
"I think I'll stay home and get wasted on booze."
Alarms going off, don't hit the snooze!
All this violence is getting you pissed;
But the world doesn't need another armchair activist!
Shouting on your soapbox is easier than trying;
Passive aggressive comments don't stop people from dying,
Meanwhile mega corporations are lying,
They say the answer to your fear is to just keep buying,
Yet I know there's something better we can create;
It's the 21st century, but not too late,
When we take a little time to try and relate,
We see love is the law and the enemy hate!

copyright 2017 Sir Mark Bruback