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  November 2017
volume 14 number 2
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Miriam Sagan
November 2017



photo by marie c lecrivain

    Miriam Sagan is the author of 30 published books, including the novel Black Rainbow (Sherman Asher, 2015) and Geographic: A Memoir of Time and Space (Casa de Snapdragon). which just won the 2016 Arizona/New Mexico Book Award in Poetry. She founded and headed the creative writing program at Santa Fe Community College until her retirement this year. Her blog Miriam’s Well ( has a thousand daily readers. She has been a writer in residence in two national parks, at Yaddo, MacDowell, Colorado Art Ranch, Andrew’s Experimental Forest, Center for Land Use Interpretation, Iceland’s Gullkistan Residency for creative people, and another dozen or so remote and unique places. Her awards include the Santa Fe Mayor’s award for Excellence in the Arts, the Poetry Gratitude Award from New Mexico Literary Arts, and A Lannan Foundation residency in Marfa.



Back of A Truck

people in the back of a truck
harvest is in—
there’s a bonus

people in the back of a truck
the border is closed
the village is gone

I’m too far away
to see exactly
what is happening

as if I were hovering
over my own form
in a fugue state

or over the snow-capped
Rocky Mountains
in a smallish plane

I’m seeing
the map
of the city I was born in

as if it were
an acupuncture chart
of the human body

I’m sitting in someone else’s
garden, with blossoming ecinacea,
tiger lilies, white cabbage moths

I’m drinking beer
with every woman
you ever loved

and admiring
how they’ve aged
and yet seem young

as to what ails me
time cannot cure it
for the past, present, and future
will not even try

I’m in the back of a truck
with a corpse and a sucking child
with my toll money ad my exit visa
and my love of the road.

copyright 2017 Miriam Sagan