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  April 2019
volume 16 number 1
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  Michelle Angelini
  luis cuauhtemoc berriozabal
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  Deborah Edler Brown
  Anna Cates
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  Xavier McIves
  Scott Thomas Outlar
  bc petrakos
  Diana Rosen
  Walter Ruhlmann
  David Scriven
  Megha Sood
  Terrence Sykes
  Perry Terrell
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  Davide Trame
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David Scriven
April 2019



photo by dave scriven

    David Scriven is an environmental engineer who lives with his wife Lynn in the hinterlands of Western Riverside County. He does volunteer work for a non-profit religious organization, takes pictures, and plays harmonica in a band. He has two grown-up daughters. His photographs have appeared in the book Weird California and in several publications dealing with bugs.



The last day of the old theatre

It was a foggy morning when the old theatre quietly collapsed; its dust billowing and blending with the fog like ink in milk. If only Edwin, the flea circus man, had not lost his fickle charges to a stray schnauzer--then, perhaps, he would never have had reason to attempt to train termites.

copyright 2019 David Scriven