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  November 2019
volume 16 number 2
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Umar Yogiza Jr
November 2019



    Umar Yogiza Jr. is a writer, poet and engineer based in Abuja, Nigeria. He is the author of Instrument of Immortality, and Singing In A Bonfire. His works have appeared in anthologies, journals and online platforms.



Restless Silencec

their fortress is of iron–bell
they survived as our town–crier –
the information custodians

but they've turned into iron–bell
turned into announcer
turned into town and we the people

they are the artists
painting our stories
filling the emptiness left by our pains

they elect and dis–elect themselves
they became the artist brush
that disorient our togetherness

into fine piece of art
for the benefits of only them
their children and children children's

their hands and mouths are famish battalion
cormorants hungry for nothing but
manipulation and regulation of our mental awareness

they rotates themselves as gardeners
gardening power and our wealth
we became the weeds growing on their restless silence

copyright 2019 Umar Yogiza Jr