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  April 2020
volume 17 number 1
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Alexandra Olmedo
April 2020



Alexandra is a poet, artist, professional dancer and inner demon slayer. She lives with her Partner, Brother, and cat in Los Angeles.



Safety and Water

I think I’m beginning to collect the
ones that we call “nice”
He caresses my skin in the early hours of the morning and
I am submerged in
Safety and water and

Mounds and mounds of pillows
And fire blankets and
Is this adulthood?

All of us asking the questions
We’ve asked ourselves over
And over and over again once every year
And is it enough
To validate ourselves in the other or

Does it require more fire, more sun, more evenings
Of longing and heartstrings

but you caress my spine anyway

and the divide between my upper and lower thigh and
I forget that the whole purpose is just to exist and enjoy the waves

But sometimes water is just too much
and I’m submerged in safety and water for too long and I can drown but
who the fuck cares about my lungs anyway?

copyright 2019 Alexandra Olmedo