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  April 2020
volume 17 number 1
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Raymond Fenech
April 2020



    Raymond Fenech embarked on his writing career as a freelance journalist at 18 working for leading newspapers, In-Nazzjon, Il-Mument, The Democrat, The Times and Sunday Times of Malta. In more recent years, he edited two local nation-wide distributed magazines.
    Fenech has a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing and more recently obtained a PHD. He was awarded an open scholarship in Writing Therapy by The Creative ‘Righting’ Center, Touro College, Hofstra University of New York in 2009 and was mentored by the founder director of the National Association of Poetry Therapy, USA, Professor Sherry Reiter. The author is also a qualified journalist, copywriter and editor and has completed several specialized courses in various fields of writing.
    The author is a certified paranormal investigator and has published research on the ghosts of Malta in The International Directory of the Most Haunted Places by Penguin Books, USA.



Sounds of Silence

The sound of silence
Is thrashed by the wind
Focuses on the void
Where solitude turns
Into a quiet frenzy,
A spirit playing music
Rasping, in winded sighs
Of hushed shushes
A muted message,
Peaceful, reticent, inaudible,
Nature’s symphony at large:
It is the sound of silence.
The awesome speech
Vagrant in this empty space
The mind now afloat
On its whooshing gushes
The freezing breeze brushes
Against my face blushing,
A speechless zephyr
Like a cold sharp blade
Striping it bare to the skin;
And as the crisp air zips past
My sense of hearing,
I listen to the silence,
To hushed whispers
While they linger on to haunt me
One gusty breath after another.

copyright 2020 Raymond Fenech