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  April 2020
volume 17 number 1
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  Jonathan Beale
  Stefanie Bennett
  Jackie Chou
  Joshua Corwin
  Raymond Fenech
  Rich Follett
  Jack Henry
  James Evert Jones
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  Alexis A Ogunmokun
  Alexandra Olmedo
  Ronald Peat
  E. Martin Pedersen
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  David Scriven
  Rishan Singh
  Tim Tipton
  Kelley White
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  Bill Yarrow
  Omar ZahZah
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Jackie Chou
April 2020



    "I write poetry as a means to make something meaningful, worthy, and artistic out of fragile and ephemeral thoughts and experiences. I find the whole creative process fun and exciting--not just the writing part, but also attending workshops and readings, learning from colleagues, and watching my work improve and blossom."



Ode to Insomniacs

When you're up with the owls and moon people,
I'm in a cozy slumber, deep in dreams.

You can do so much;
String together stars,
Enough to feed a whole village
Come morning.

Your eyelids droop with weariness.
You remind me of mama and papa

Who worked till their bones broke,
While I lay indolent, on a couch,
Embarrassed by their smelly armpits

Urged them to eat well, sleep well,
And bathe daily. To no avail, my voice
was smaller than their American dream.

They both died young,
And you, and your sleepless nights,
Traumatize me all over again.

copyright 2020 Jackie Chou