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  November 2003
volume 1 number 1
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November 2003



    Besskepp (Cory Cofer) is a quick-witted-beatnik60's-hiphop80's poet raised on Langston Hughes and Public Enemy. Everything he has experienced has been documented through poems, journal entries and monologues. He tackles socio-political and racial issues with an animated grace.
    He's traveled throughout the country as a member of the Los Angeles National Slam Team (2000, 2001) and has shared the stage with such artist as Mos Def, Saul Williams, Slum Village, Mystic, Ursella Rucker, The Visionaries Poet/activist Jerry Quickley and many other artist who are successful in exerting their creative energy.
    Besskepp has performed in over 100 shows including universities, conferences, festivals, coffee houses and competitions in the last few years. His poetry addresses pertinent issues as equal rights, single-parent families, the importance of education, and how hip hop culture influences our society. He's a school teacher who has been twice awarded Teacher of the Year in his first five years of teaching.
    Besskepp was recently featured in the Los Angeles Times for using hip hop as a teaching-tool in the classroom. His weekly poetry reading, A Mic & Dim Lights in Pomona is the 2nd largest and one of the longest-running weekly readings in California. His cd Bluze Langwij takes spoken-word poetry to the next level and has been played regularly on KCRW's Chocolate City with Garth Trinidad. It has also been successfully reviewed by Rock and Rap Confidential, Digress Magazine, and



Welcome to a World

Welcome to a world where golf courses are homeless shelters
elders are the real historians cause they don't forget
a world of no fake tits and lips
Eyes butts smiles and cheeks
Welcome to a world where we speak outta turn
On purpose
Speak about the purpose and act accordingly
Where everybodies affording the necessity
Nobodies hungry, thirsty, or roofless
Where the old and toothless got dental benefits
Benefit concerts not necessary because were all rich
Even regular folk can survive off of being broke
Soak up soap operas and novella
Cause that's the only drama
Only mamas and carma call the shots
I think not how they want me to think
We think how we wanna think
Fuck these phony winks and fake smiles
Change smiles to camoflauge
A new world order through sabatoge
Im eating haagen daz in the black house
While poor rebublicans hang out on back streets trying to bad mouth
Im goin down south and burning all confedearate flags
Got Shiny mags on lowrider bike rollin through Georgia
With a lighter
Fighters like Geronimo Pratt and Mandela
Wouldn't have been in jail
I gotta story to tell
But ima save it for the new world
Where real innocent black men are free
And oj's locked up
Where people who create biased laws deserve to be knocked up
Knocked out ima not shout
And just do it through writing
A new world where they don't think were igniting
a riot just because we gather
forget dan rathers and cnn
forget their played out story of how this world begin
forget the old world
And bring in the new
Welcome to a new world hella new
Brand spanking new
New to me new to you new
Theres no telling what we can do
With this new world
I aint lyin
Crying mommies who had to fold their gangsta son underwears
Wont exist again
And crying wives who had to fold their soldier husband underwears
Wont exist again
I don't wanna be pissed again
just give me this new world
Full of peace and void of enlisted men
and women

copyright 2003 Besskepp