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  November 2006
volume 4 number 4
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Gwendolyn Beyer
November 2006



photo by kevin berger

    Gwendolyn Beyer spent most of her childhood in Los Angeles, CA, and Woodstock, NY, growing up amidst artistic friends and family.
    "I have been writing for as long as I can remember. It's in my blood, but until recently the desire to share my writing lay dormant. Now it has become overpowering need." She currently lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband and son.



Fear Revealing

Fear revealing what’s underneath.
Hidden words, the surface beneath
buoy topside, outside dangling
on my tongue
the truth is flung
through the air
but missed your ears.
You cannot hear
when you're always talking.
I missed my target
but I keep trying
as words are flying
they do not catch.
Will not absorb
when you are always thinking
of what to say next.
Then again, I am guilty of the same.
Have I heard a word you’ve said?
In this miscommunication
exchange of frustration
it is a bed we both must lay in.

copyright 2006 Gwendolyn Beyer