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  April 2019
volume 16 number 1
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  Rich Follett
  Dani Raschel JimĂ©nez
  Terry McCarty
  Simon Perchik
  Kevin Ridgeway
  Opalina Salas
  Annette Marie Smith
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  Amy Uyematsu
  Viola Weinberg
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Annette Marie Smith April 2019



    Annette Marie Smith is a writer, artist, and editor. She is the creator and curator of the international feminist project, Facing Feminism, for which she received a McKnight Foundation grant.
    She's the author of Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow, Tell the Bees, and She Wanted Storms. Her poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, included in numerous anthologies, and translated into German, Italian, and Spanish for publication internationally. It's traveled the trains and buses within Minnesota's Metro Transit system as featured poetry where boring ads would normally be, and it's found a home featured on the labels of Enchanted Beans coffee beans.
    She is currently working on a novel full of myth, adventure, and humor, Monster Songs Sung Low and Sweet.
    Formerly published under Annette Marie Hyder, she is reclaiming her maiden name of Smith in all ways, including publication.

Find out more about her at



shivering boughs

a thirsty bush
a doting beau
the rain blew

the wind hand-carried water
in the palms of his hands to her
and now the shamelessly greedy bush
trembles in his embrace
thick glossy gardenias
creamy, heady
shiver on her boughs.

copyright 2019 Annette Marie Smith



All the Bees in the World Are Dying

All the bees in the world are dying
so she gathers them into the hive of her mouth
and there they buzz and buzz and buzz
and they do more than buzz.
They thrive in this hive
and she starts to send them out in sallies
one by one like a Noahess sending doves
but these missives to the expanse
are not seeking dry land, no
they are searching for a flood of flowers
stems to tremble for
pollen to get lost in
petals to push, parse, polish, peruse, and pursue
pistils to rue and sway
and they keep coming back to her
these bees
until her mouth is a river
and aureate honey the limpid bay.

copyright 2019 Annette Marie Smith