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  April 2020
volume 17 number 1
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  Kathie Giorgio
  Edward Lee
  Jennie Lindthorst
  Frank Mundo
  Christine Murray
  Abdel-Wahed Souayah
  Ann Tweedy
  Viola Weinberg
  Martin Willitts Jr
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Frank Mundo April 2020



photo by françois biajoux

    Frank Mundo is the author of The Brubury Tales and Touched by an Anglo (Kattywompus Press).



Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

(a villanelle)

Just hold me, my Love, hold on to me tight.
Close your eyes, sleep... Forget what we discussed.
Let's not talk about tomorrow tonight.

I'll find another job; we'll be all right.
It's not like health insurance is a must.
Just hold me, my Love, hold onto me tight.

Our school loan payments are a little light,
But interest rates rarely ever adjust.
Let's not stress about tomorrow tonight.

And since when are the experts ever right
One market booms so another can bust.
Just hold me, my Love, hold onto me tight.

Hold on to the truth that, if we unite,
We can survive on faith, on love and trust.
Let's not guess about tomorrow tonight,

Because change never happens overnight.
We, like the stars, slowly turn into dust.
Just hold me, my Love, hold onto me tight.
Let's not lie about tomorrow tonight.

copyright 2020 Frank Mundo



No Other Medicine

Imagine this is my life:
Tall Empire, twins,
a house, a wife,
a career, plus this job,
a broken volume knob,
six capsules a day to keep in mind,
(plus five more pops
to bump and to grind)
all just four years after
my heart – once devoted
to danger and darkness –
quietly exploded.

Imagine this is my time:
Chachi breaks Nazi,
electors organized crime;
I'm with her – emails!
and lock her up, females,
#FeelTheBern blues
fake news and click-throughs
with truth, trumped and tattered,
new old records shattered
leaves me, in wonder,
to wonder
if any lives mattered.

copyright 2020 Frank Mundo