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  November 2017
volume 14 number 2
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Genie Nakano November 2017



    Genie Nakano was born in East Los Angeles. In addition to being a writer, she is a performer, yoga, and tanka instructor. After graduating from UCLA with a Masters in Dance, she performed in various dance companies, including Eartha Kitt's Kitt Dancers and Great Leap, and later formed her own dance company, Belady I.
    Genie began writing poetry when she was eight years old. in 2005, she began her professional writing career as a journalist by writing "Genie's Lanp" for the Gardena Valley News. Currently, she writes a column for the Rafu Shimpo. Her work is regularly published in internationonal tanka and haiku journals, including Atlas Poetica, Ribbons, Gusts, and Tanka Journal.
    Genie has written three tanka and haiku collections; Enter the Stream, Storyteller, and Colorful Lives: A Coloring Tanka Poetry Book. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two dogs, and a cat.



Letting Go

Let go
ride a river wave
over the falls
life is just a dream
a rainbow at the end

on a diving board, butterflies
in my stomach
no belly flops this time
Jackknife cuts the water

water flows
over my sun burned skin
cool calming ripples
touch deep down to the bottom
breaststroke to the top

copyright 2017 Genie Nakano



More Gohan

the vulgar wife
doesn't brush her teeth
            or comb her tangled hair
    she stays away
    from mirrors

I don't feel good today
    she cries across a crumpled bed,
        fetch me my cane
            I need more gohan
            and don't be late again

he never complains
    yet looks forward to the day
    when elegant wife returns -
            this will never happen
                vulgar wife ate her long ago

copyright 2017 Genie Nakano