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  April 2013
volume 10 number 1
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James Barros April 2013



    James Barros is an LA area fine art photographer. He draws his inspiration from the most core human drives; Love and Sex, War and Martial Arts, Magic and the Religious instinct. His work encompasses nature and urban photography, as well as esoteric documentary and studio fine art work.
    For the November/December 2012 issue of poeticdiversity, with the recent election drama and the end of the Mayan calendar close at hand, he provided images for the end of the world.
    You can find his work at the link below, or follow him at:

    Prints of the photos in this issue are available at:

James Barros



The Mechanic

The man with the grease-stained hands walks in
smelling, not of gin, but of oil and fuel.
Strong arms, not from the gym
but wrestling pistons into place.
His rough ruddy lips are chapped as they brush
with 5-o'clock sandpaper shadow
across your own.

He knows that he does not know his own strength,
a delicate kiss can become crushing
up against the wall
in not-rape.

Arms and back full of knots
unwinding as he holds you tight.
His course fingers over your soft skin
ripping delicate fiber as he strips you
against the wall.
His hot breath on your neck
the tears in your eyes are love/lust
as you reach out, fumbling
with his belt
and denim drops around work-stained boots,
and you drop
to worship
at the throne of your one true god.

copyright 2013 James Barros



A Song to Pan

Oh Pan, My Pan, my IO PAN
My faunish satyr woodland lover
my innocent savage beast and brother
my father my mother my sister and other
my God my ally my enemy.
My all
Oh though satyr satan flesh
thy panish prick which art uplifted
bring me to thy word and work
reach my soul and part my sin
my God upon my lips
with all your light upon my tongue
Let me praise the Lord.
Let my fall upon my knees
let me close my eyes and trust in him
let me feel his holy spirit
well deep within me
let me feel his holy arms
wrap me around to protect me
as the pain and blood and heat of love
entangle my body and enflame my mind
my God, why have you forsaken me?
Oh my lord, IO PAN
Your spirit swells within me
my heart now beats as yours
Your hooven spirit flows and pulses
our bodies are wrecked
our spirits are gone.
We have achieved completion.

copyright 2013 James Barros