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  April 2017
volume 14 number 1
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John LaMar Elison April 2017



photo by richard lee miller

    John LaMar Elison has lived a life reading between the lines, finding the good seat on bad bus trips, and hunting amongst the stacks. He writes and fights and bathes by candlelight. His poetry may be reminiscent of letters from prison, but John has never served time.




I hear the rings of trees
When I look into your eyes
I taste Harlem Shake and history
Whenever our lips touch

I feel every shade of gold and glory
When your name slides through my ears

My nose knows you're near
Because you smell like how the blood of Ancients tastes

Visions appear to me in symphonies
Whenever my tongue writes music beneath our sheets

There are 6 senses known to me
Infinitely presented in the braille upon your skin

copyright 2017 John LaMar Elison



A Sweet Ghazal

I may call you Goddess, Sweet Pea, or Cupcake
And I shan't deny you gold, myrrh, nor cupcakes

You're so beautiful, my Desert Queen
I've seen you dressed in the desert like a cupcake

But you're most beautiful naked; milk white tits
Freckled skin, and wide hips like a cupcake

My life's a dream and every morning I wake up
Next to you, what a sweet surprise, my cupcake

We only see each other eye to eye and walk side by side
Except when you're face down and I'm eating you like a cupcake

Every challenge, trial, and challenger
We meet head on- ice them off like cupcakes

You're a lucky man, John, with that jaded nihilistic
Hedonistic siren. Sure I am. She's my cupcake.

copyright 2017 John LaMar Elison