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  April 2019
volume 16 number 1
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Lois Michal Unger April 2019



art by sonjaye maurya

    Lois Michal Unger’s poems have appeared in magazines including Storie (Italy), The Jerusalem Post, Nativ, Maggid, Deronda Review, Ilanot Review, Arc (Israel), and Mima’amakim (USA), and, Anthologies: In the Company of Women and It Happened Under Cover. She has written nine books of poems, including Back to Back: Two Poets Living Under One Roof, co-authored with her husband Larry. Her most recent book is In This Dance. She wrote a novella, How Country Music Helped Me to Make Aliya.



Dizengof Morning Thoughts

‘Don’t let anyone give you Spanish Fly’
my aunt Flossie said
as we marched off to the nightclub
fishnet hose, a green taffeta costume in hand

Earlier we’d sat in an agent’s office
‘do you mix’ he asked
Never having heard the expression
I said ‘yes’

We danced in a nightclub.
I had just quit college
in the bottom of my junior year

But y’know, I remember nothing that I learned there
except that Felice and I giggled in the Economics class
and I once could read Lamartine in French
but half a century later
I still remember the opening chords of The Johnson Rag

(published in chapbook In This Dance)

copyright 2019 Lois Michal Unger



Good Nite

You checked out
while I'm still climbing autobus stairs

once I took four seconals
you thought it was funny

now you said goodbye
shut a door
to a world
that was a disappointment

a sign do not disturb
a bottle of pills

Good nite sweet prince.

copyright 2019 Lois Michal Unger