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  November 2017
volume 14 number 2
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Margarita Serafimova November 2017



    Margarita Serafimova has published one book of poetry, Animals and Other Gods, in Bulgarian (Sofia University Press, 2016). Her second book, Demons and World, also in Bulgarian, was recently published in April 2017 (Black Flamingo Publishing, Sofia).
    In English, pieces of Serafimova’s have appeared in Outsider Poetry, Heavy Athletics, Anti-Heroin Chic, The Peacock Journal, Noble/Gas Quarterly, with others forthcoming in The Voices Project, and Obra/ Artifact.
    Margarita is a human rights lawyer.



My Desire

My desire is a wild orchid,
mottled inside,
its petal a purple tongue.
It is between the dust and the wind

copyright 2017 Margarita Serafimova



I Can Barely Withstand

I can barely withstand the beauty of your eyes.
They are the first day of the world
followed by no history.

(previously published in Ginosko Literary Journal, July 2017

copyright 2017 Margarita Serafimova