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  November/December 2012
volume 9 number 2
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Maryann Russo December 2012



photo by james barros

    Maryann Russo is a poet and psychotherapist. Her poems have appeared in Lunarosity, Pace Journal, and Sugar Mule. She is currently publishing her full length manuscript Wild and Still. Maryann lives and works in Redondo Beach, CA.




for Olivia

Seventy has wings
wide and etched
with all the ages
you have ever been

Pinions carved
by angst and joy
chinks in what
you thought was armor
give lift for flight

into skies
expansive enough to hold≠≠
the questions that remain
endless and open
which you cannot carry
because they would
slip through your grasp

Leaving this moment
to love

you find that
nothing can be filled

only emptied
and again

copyright 2012 Maryann Russo




Everything reaches
to the light that calls it,
the invisible moon at night
or any sliver that spills through
the blinds

Wings lift to tree tops and
roof peaks
Leaves rise in their slow stretch
toward the sun
Petals of certain flowers
open only with the morning

Everything reaches
to the light that calls it
As we move
into each day
even with bleakness
discomfort or doubt

there is some glimmer
from within

copyright 2012 Maryann Russo