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  April 2019
volume 16 number 1
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  Dani Raschel Jiménez
  Terry McCarty
  Simon Perchik
  Kevin Ridgeway
  Opalina Salas
  Annette Marie Smith
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  Amy Uyematsu
  Viola Weinberg
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Opalina Salas April 2019



art by sonjaye maurya

    Opalina Salas is a poet, a former Oak Cliff bookstore owner, an editor of the femme lit zine, Let It Bleed, and creator and host of Poets on X+ reading series held in her beloved home of Oak Cliff, TX. She is a regular contributor to The Mad Swirl, and was a featured performer at The Texas Beat Poetry Festival 2012, Forest Fest in Lamesa, TX in 2011, and a participant in the first annual New Orleans Poetry Fest of 2016. Her Poem was featured in City of ____________: Dispatches From 16 Dallas Poets, she has been a performer for OPP: Other People’s Poetry, and has featured at Pandora’s Box and Arte y Pan Dulce a PoC Art Show. She is a host and co- conspirator for Attack of the Poets, an annual multi day festival hosting poets from around the US, bridging the gaps between various literary communities far and wide. She has been writing and performing in and around the DFW area for 20 years with her comrade, partner and fellow poet, Carlos Salas, and got her start at the legendary Club Clearview Dallas Poetry Slam.



Beat Siren

Beat Siren

I need a friend
mixtape ready
Car keys and shifting up the gears
Open roads
Ash trays

Swinging fingers out the windows
Blowing smoke up the sunroof

Because your memory
Fades behind burglar bar windows in
East Dallas
Microwave pizzas
And living rooms without working lamps

My after death music plays
Too much thought on you,
your cigarettes
And regrets.
Baby honey don’t look at me that way
Moon shot
And older

I chipped your shoulder
And we both walk around
Rattling skeletons
Without each other
And I hurt

And when I cry
I get mists of heaven.
You might be dead
Cause you never
come around

Saint Morrissey
Bless us
My tourniquet heart
Won’t let go
Father Reed
Groan and bare me
I won’t let that bitch be
Mother Winehouse
Drink me under the table
No one fights like her
Saint Drake
Send pink moons
On eclipses
And I’ll treat her better
Than before

I need a friend
I need my Dean Moriarty
My Dean Martin
My dime store sister
Jimmie Dean Jimmie Dean

I need a friend
With a light
On a trinity stink night
On a shaved down street corner
Full of possibilities
And poems

I need a friend
To bitch and bail
Howl and wail
Roll a J in a pinch
Know a frost and a lynch

I need a red licorice string
Bow tie between us
Bread and butter
Under street lamp divisions
And some girl
That will look up
When it rains
And down when it shines
I need a friend
Who’ll hide in closets
Sing in the shower
And teach me
How to be a friend

copyright 2019 Opalina Salas