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  November 2013
volume 10 number 2
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Robbi Nester November 2013



art by paradoxius

    Robbi Nester is the author of a chapbook of yoga poems, Balance (White Violet, 2012). She has published poems in many journals, including Broadsided, Poemeleon, Inlandia, Victorian Violet Press, Spark 17 and 18, Philadelphia Stories, Northern Liberties Review, Annapoorna, Jenny, Qarrtsiluni, Floyd County Moonshine, and Caesura. Her poems have been anthologized in The Poetry of Yoga Volume II, and Poised for Flight and her essays in Easy to Love But Hard to Raise (DRT Press 2012) and Flashlight Memories (Silver Boomer 2011). Her reviews have appeared in The Hollins Critic and Switchback. She is an Executive Editor on the journal Slippage and a volunteer book reviewer for New York Quarterly.




I am walking down a long
dark street, breathing
clouds in the cold air
the sound of my own
footsteps magnified
until an army of the
unknown surrounds me.

A shadow waits
at the end of the street.
The streetlamp cuts
a crescent of light
across one cheek
mined with stubble.
A red orb of ash glows
like a nova about to blow.

On the corner by the Five
and Dime a loud trio
of teenage boys tries out
dance moves, calling
to anyone who passes
looking for trouble
and finding it. Should I
cross the street or keep
walking and pretend not to hear?

Late one winter afternoon
the tall girl from math class
waits at my locker when everyone
has already gone, even the janitor.
Because it is my only weapon
I spew sharp syllables, though
everyone has assured me
they will break no bones.
Her fists land hard, with
the sound of a car crash when you
are the one behind the wheel or
the one racing across the street
on your bike and not quite
making it to the other side.

copyright 2013 Robbi Nester



March 2013

Spring and the eucalyptus
toss their heads like horses
eager to take the field.
The world is full of danger—
All the wars that ever were
and those to come
swarm in the east.
Even the NASA scientist,
scanning the skies,
unaccountably full
of encroaching objects,
advises prayer.

copyright 2013 Robbi Nester