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  November 2018
volume 15 number 1
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Will Alexander November 2018



photo by marie c lecrivain

    Will Alexander- Poet, novelist, essayist, aphorist, playwright, visual artist, and pianist. He has authored over 30 books in the above mentioned genres. A Whiting Fellow, and a California Arts Council Fellow, he has been recipient of the PEN/Oakland Award for his novel Sunrise In Armageddon, and an American Book Award winner for his book of essays Singing In Magnetic Hoofbeat. In 2016 he was recipient of the Jackson Prize for Poetry. Currently he is Poet-in- Residence at Beyond Baroque, and is part of the Poetry Center Advisory Board at Cal State Los Angeles.



Vibration From The Coast Of India

One feels its harried anodyne vultures
its populace of rats
its vexing by bubonics

the fact that
the body is eaten as vapour
as base invisibility
to be discarded
to be rinsed
with carking polonium & lime

so there are basics
intrinsically freed of themselves
of their dark extrinsic imperial patterns
as if the holocaust body had never existed

never peaking at fruition
as claw
or model
or fabric

as to fate
& its ultimate de-existence
there remains
a galactic brewing formation
never weighed by the cells
or by measures invented
by an onerous grasping of sorghum or principle

copyright 2018 Will Alexander



Love Under Glorious Aquarium Pressure

A voluptuous apparition of rum
being seepage from dark ozonal moons being simultaneity of ice & black camphor
pulling me into blue-black gematrias of feeling
into a livid constellation of whirling iridium needles
producing oils & scalding phantoms
being your scorching red integument spinning as combustion
as telepathic alignment
as cloudy nightmare blinking
being a slate of carking carnivore's incisor's b ia delimited irradiation burning in the void of the way I see blackness

not unlike a streak of mange on your throat
or an eruption of lies twisting themselves into sigils
attempting to embrace me with bullets or glycerin
being dust from explosive saliva
being shadows cast from your lips
possessing scores and scores of manipulated edens
being demonic crosses that ignite from decimation
akin to eels that course through a valley of diamonds

& these diamonds being occulted suns drowning at dawn
being perfect lakes of carbon
being salted glass as charisma
as I enunciate myself as aural yield
hearing your body as shape
as witness
as cobalt samsara
humming as phantasmos via glints

copyright 2018 Will Alexander