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  November 2013
volume 10 number 2
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Alex Johnson November 2013



art by paradoxius

    Alex S. Johnson is the author of The Death Jazz and Bad Sunset. His poetry has appeared in such publications as Gone Lawn, Twizted Tungz, 13 Myna Birds and Bone Orchard Poetry. He recently relocated to Sacramento, California after two decades in Los Angeles.



Again, Different Drumming

My different drum goes
Soggy in the solid vacuum.

Poignant, if not
Pathetic to appealómy caseó
From a well of numb conductors
Scratching metrical on skin.

Too often the sticks will
Splinter, a splash of cinders and
Forsaken ash.

Yet all my beats have bloomed
In the grave of percussion,
Where lies buried
The double-bass heart
The mindís steel rim.

copyright 2013 Alex Johnson



Paralysis of Shorty Babylon

Did you find your wings,
Shorty Babylon
Nailed to the seat
Of the very concrete?

Gravitation is a bastard with the shakes.

Did you find your heart
Flayed and dissected
Through the mindís handsome art?

Shorty Babylon drinks his darkening skin
And listens to the symphony, right at the part
Where the hammering begins.

copyright 2013 Alex Johnson