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  April 2009
volume 7 number 1
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Carl Abt April 2009



art by ferrari silverpowder

    Carl Abt is an English major at Ohio State University where he has been admitted to advanced creative writing classes in fiction, poetry and non-fiction. He has over a half dozen previous/forthcoming publications in Expressions, The Denney Stall, and Children, Churches and Daddies.



Facing the Train

I will starve to feed my brush,
Wet its bristles rather than my lips
I will never die if my work lives.
I wait for the train to come,
My easelís legs braced between iron beams.
I paint a black dot that will expand, engulf me.
Two people kiss,
Leaning into each other,
Arching over the tracks.
I scream, Donít you see what is coming?
They smile at me, and wave.
They say,
Everyone is standing on the tracks Ė
Some are just looking the wrong way.

copyright 2008 Carl Abt



My Only Card

Queen of diamonds, Queen of hearts:
I can only be one.
My enemy lays down two Gís;
I match it with my wedding ring.
I cannot fold this hand,
Turn off the green-shaded light:
I am all in.
His eyes are naked, unblinking:
Sunglasses hide mine.
He doesnít have to win poker Ė
It isnít the only game he has.

copyright 2008 Carl Abt




Crunch, crunch, crunch.

The time has come for letters.
Two toed,
Three toed,
Four toed,

The time has come for words.
Two booted,
Four pawed,
Six bird-clawed,

The time has come for sentences.

Winterís fresh blank page chills the Earth
So all may write and not be
Forgotten when unseen.

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

copyright 2008 Carl Abt