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  November 2015
volume 12 number 2
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E.L. Freifeld November 2015



photo by françois biajoux

    Born April 15, 1941 in Manhattan, of Jewish immigrants from Poland and Galicia, Elazar has been active for many years on the New York and Tel Aviv literary scenes. His poems and stories have appeared in numerous literary magazines, newspapers and anthologies throughout the world. 
    Since first publishing in 1964, he has had 14 books published, including The Importance of Swimming, Television Analogs, Love Cycles, A Jew in the House of Harvard, Poet's Guide to the Holy Landand The World According to Animals.
    A Jew in the House of Harvard was awarded first prize by the Israel Federation of Writers for the year 1987. His two most recent stories are available at Storie Magazine, LeConte Publications, in Rome.
   Translated into eight languages, including Hebrew, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Hungarian, Elazar's readings and seminars include such venues as, The New School for Social Research, The Whitney Museum School of American Art, WBAI Radio, WNET TV/Channel 13, CBS TV/Video at The School of Visual Arts, and the American Embassy in Tel Aviv.
    During the Scud War in Israel, continuing a career begun in the U.S., Elazar wrote a weekly column for The Jerusalem Post and is now contributing editor of LeConte Publications, in Rome. 
    A full catalog and raison detre of E.L.Freifeld's publications, exhibitions, art and photography is available on his  website:
Unpublished Works




light hurts least of all in passing
definitive giants reduced to particle dwarfs
speculates sunrise in a blink
settles into sundowns of dreams

light plays in waves of twilight
its journey lingers in cups and saucers
breadcrumbs of life of love and having been there

scenes covered with ash and eyes lowered,
even the darkness too bright to see.

what games these words play, what schemes
hurt less in living or in darkness, dreams?

love lasts longest, thoughts faster than the speed of light
never die but only forgotten where they began

i still dream of you,
and your name brightens a sunset

copyright 2015 E.L. Freifeld