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  August 2005
volume 3 number 3
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Francisco Dominguez August 2005



    Francisco J. Dominguez emigrated from Mexico to the United States at the age of 13. Since then, he has written and published a book of poetry, Estranged by the Airfields of Vienna. Fran's creative work is mostly comprised of short prose and free verse. As an immigrant, his endeavors are based on an outside-looking-in perspective. Fran is the art editor for poeticdiversity, and has been writing poetry for more than 10 years. He lives in Long Beach, California.

Room 208




Your demons remained

As this room

Shriveled in your absence,

Tell me,

Is this how we acquire our demons

For the first time?

This heart

Does not remember

Ever charging against such force

Until our door

Closed right behind you

For the last time.

The echo

Of our door slamming,

The swift vibration

Soon after,

The static

Of a radio,

Its sound

Becoming distant

As the silence

Spread across this room

And out to the streets

Still remains here,

Not surprisingly,

Along with your demons;

Their long, stretched out nails

Mirror their shadow

On the walls,

They travel toward me,

Make a mess

Of this room,


Every sense

Of direction.

Is this how

We acquire demons in the first place,

Is this how

We start to devalue

Human relationships

Until they are

Stripped meaningless?

It starts here,

This questioning,

And continues in ourselves

Until no purpose

Is left within.


One day,

Someone comes

And destroys the questioning—

Someone in fact,

Did arrive for myself

But as one fear

Is suppressed

Another rises

And this fear that haunts me now

Is the same that haunted you

And eventually

Led you to leave me

With your endless demons

To struggle throughout

Many seasons cold

Many seasons humid

One too many seasons.


That I have found

Happiness at last,

I’ve also managed to stomp

These demons,

Stomp them deep

And yet,

Not kill.

And so this fear still resides,

Uncertain if someday I too,

Will leave this happiness

To rid of these creatures

At long last,


This struggle I fight

With love in my heart,

The same love

You bitterly used

To tear yourself apart

From these demons.

I will not

Commit your errors


I have to believe

Our humanity consists

Of a greater grace within us.

copyright 2004 Francisco Dominguez



A Prayer for Strength

There is strength in us few are aware about

And there is a tide out there, no doubt,

That bestows it or takes it away; one day I fear

This strength inside will no longer be here.

There is a point in our lives when we reassess all,

When loved ones pass away, ideologies fall;

And I fear this uncertain harvests that arrive,

This pain that often displaces courage in our lives.

This courage that lead us to greatness and might

And that death fiercely attempts to steal at night,

Lives that turn to memories and leave us bereft,

And in turn we give up sweet inspiration for theft.

For just as we feed off each other’s energy,

We’re also barren if we lack such synergy

That we depend for awareness and insight,

Lord I ask to keep this strength in human kind alight.


copyright 2004 Francisco Dominguez



Warriors at a Table

We sat across one

Another, our dinner

Already secondary

To the silent, mutual

Acknowledgement, of the

Years that had gone by.

Titans in our way,

Rivals of our own worlds,

I wonder how these worlds

Would have turned

Out if only we’d

Been allies,

But as time passes

And our food becomes

Cold, I am reminded of all

The resentment that

Grew fertile throughout

The years.

Even when I don’t feel

The resentment at this

Moment, I cannot stop

Thinking why nothing

Besides this darkness

Within ever grew here,

Why the distance

Between us

Never grew


There is wonderment

Within your eyes,

Your words express it

In ways no one else

Has shared them


And it makes me think again

Just how different

This world really

Could have been

If you’d been around

To watch me grow

Even when I cannot

Help conclude that

Perhaps I would

Not be the warrior

I am today if you’d been

Present all along

copyright 2005 Francisco Dominguez