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  December 2008
volume 6 number 3
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Grace Andreacchi December 2008



photo by steven gabriel

    Grace Andreacchi is an American-born novelist, poet and playwright. Works include the novels Scarabocchio and Poetry and Fear, Music for Glass Orchestra (Serpent's Tail), Give My Heart Ease (New American Writing Award) and the chapbook Elysian Sonnets. Her work appears in Horizon Review, The Literateur, Cabinet des F√©es and many other fine places. Grace is also managing editor at Andromache Books and writes the literary blog Amazing Grace. She lives in London.



The Wedding

'Schlage doch, gewŁnschte Stunde.....'

I'm dancing with your brother under the trees
round and round in time to the church bells ringing
my white dress whirling in time
to the ringing the clanging the singing
the long-desired hour come round at last
You're leaning up against a tree
watching me
your neat arms folded across your chest
your eyes smiling
your hour come round at last
I love him so much, I say to your brother
I love him so much, so much
Beer and cider and buckets of best champagne
tables groaning under weighty german food
Everyone's singing everyone's smiling
everyone's eating and drinking and dancing
and clapping their hands and shouting for joy
I love him so much, I say to them all
A Queen in white satin
I take off my shoes and the grass
prickles my feet makes me laugh
We kiss and somebody
takes our photograph

copyright 2008 Grace Andreacchi



Autumn Moon

Halved melon hung in the indigo sky
Great globe evenly split between
Dark and bright
An object lesson in dream
illustrates reality

Cold but transfixed I stand
Can't stop looking up
A father hurries by with his
small son in a pushchair
Look, he says to the child
A perfect moon tonight

copyright 2009 Grace Andreacchi