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  April 2016
volume 13 number 1
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Gwyndyn Alexander April 2016



photo by franᅵois biajoux

    Gwyndyn T. Alexander (1969- ) was born in San Francisco, but moved to New Orleans and never looked back. In 2005, she lost her house and job and her library to the Great Levee Failure. After ten years of exile in Texas, she has now returned home to New Orleans.
Gwnydyn T Alexander




Women's hair is dangerous
cover it up!
It might incite a man to lust,
turn him rock hard.

Women's eyes are dangerous
keep them modestly downcast!
They might make a man feel small
and insignificant.

Poor Medusa,
they feared you so much
they sent you into exile.
But they kept coming, didn't they?
They couldn't resist you.

You spent your days in your sculpture garden,
your gaze caressing the marble hips,
those hard muscles.
You had fine taste in statues.

But they kept coming.

Perseus came armed,
so terrified of the power of your eyes,
the allure of your flowing locks,
he couldn't even look in your direction.

He held up a mirror,
your first glance at yourself.
You were transfixed
by your own beauty
your own power.

You paid the price,
of course,
as all of us do
when men realize
who really
holds the power.

Our gaze can
turn men to stone
our hair can
incite them to lust.

When we realize
our beauty
our power
we will end
our isolation
and rise up as one.

We are the serpents
in the garden.
We are one.
One beauty.
One power.
Gorgons, all,
and proud.

copyright 2016 Gwyndyn Alexander



Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red? She was askin' for it.
I mean, there she was,
all by her lonesome
walkin' through those woods
like she owned 'em.

She shoulda known better.
Everybody knows
it ain't safe for a girl to walk alone.

And did ya see what she was wearin'?
Bright red hoodie,
like that wasn't meant to get attention.
She shoulda known better,
wearin' red. Ya know what red
does to a guy, practically beggin' for it, ya know?

Sure, she was a kid, and her mom told her to go,
but c'mon...
a girl walkin' alone, in the woods, wearin' red.
She wanted it.
Wanted me to eat her all up.

They all do, y'know.
They want it.
Askin' for it.
Even that grandma of hers,
that old lady.
Livin' alone, in the woods.
She knew better.
Woman alone, that's askin' for it.

I don't blame that woodsman
fer goin' after me.
Competition, y'know.
There they were, two chicks all
by their lonesome, one of 'em wearin' red?
C'mon... any guy woulda done the same.

She was askin' for it, dressed like that,
walkin' like that.

What was I doin' out in the woods,
in the first place?
Well, I'm a wolf. Doin' what comes natural.

Wolfs, we take what we want.
Always have, always will.

Besides. Did you see what she
was wearin'?

Her fault, fer certain.
Just like always.
Me, well
a wolf's gotta do what a wolf's gotta do.
Ya know what I mean, Judge.
I can tell, lookin' at ya.
You got more than a little wolf in you, too,

Mister Wolf, I'm going to let you go
with a warning this time.
Miss Riding Hood, you are fined $500 for contempt,
wasting the court's time.
Mister Wolf is obviously
an upstanding citizen,
and you,
were obviously
asking for it.

copyright 2016 Gwyndyn Alexander