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  November 2015
volume 12 number 2
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Michael Aaron Casares November 2015



photo by richard lee miller

    Michael Aaron Casares lives in Austin, TX. He operates Virgogray Press, an indie lit press that focuses on poetry. He is the editor of the poetry lit blog, Carcinogenic Poetry. His collection of poems, This Reality of Man, is available.
Michael Casares



Michael Slaying Lucifer

A painting; a statue; an idea.
The perfect violence for this
loving figure could not forgive
his own brother but holds him
pinned beneath his foot as he reaches
his sword to pierce his heart.
Does this bring comfort,
knowing your adversary can be slain
by your guardian angel?
A place of love would see an understanding:
two princes side by side in this cosmic comedy
of life and death and confusion.
We are left to figure it out as the princes
sit high on their thrones and laugh.

copyright 2015 Michael Aaron Casares