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  November 2015
volume 12 number 2
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paulo brito November 2015



photo by françois biajoux

    Paulo Brito lives in Barcelos, Portugal. He's been writing poetry and short stories since the age of 15 as a matter of mental hygiene. he loves reading the workrs of Rhys Hughes and David Soares. His influences are immense because he's always been a drinker of books.




The silence,
the dry and agonizing noise of silence.

I turn on the radio,
a hollow voice flows from it
hurting my peace clamoring ears.

Absurdly I write these absurd lines
in the solitude of my bed.

I contemplate the macabre dance
of a blind goat that spins, spins and turns...
Dizzy... I close my eyes.

Lines intersect imprisoning me.
Colors struggle with the black mournfully darkness,
they sting and strafe incessantly without respite.

I scream............................................... satisfaction!
I open my eyes,
the dance's actors... dead.

The curtain rises gracefully
and I discover an owl looking into me.
I shoo him, I shoo myself.

I raise the dead.
who resume the macabre dance...

The guillotine descends solidary upon me
and the blade enjoying separates me to infinity...
I reach the spiritual orgasm
and I find God undercover by a cloud pleasing himself.
Angels have no sex!

I wake up and laugh satisfied.
in paper I write the dream
and the dream made of paper comes alive.

A black light invades my room.
Closed eyes... I fall asleep.

I dream ...
I Definitely play with the words, with life !!!???

copyright 2015 paulo brito