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  April 2017
volume 14 number 1
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Scott C. Kaestner April 2017



    Scott C. Kaestner is a Los Angeles poet and believes a day at the beach is a day well spent. Google 'scott kaestner poetry' to peruse his musings and doings.



Super Sheila of Los Angeles 6.0

she looked him in the eye with unwavering strength and conviction and said,

"believe you're confusing cannot for will not, the universe is full of infinite possibility for those of us who are not punk ass bitches."

she opened the door, walked out onto a busy city street, it was monday, partly cloudy (or partly sunny depending on how one is feeling), she had sushi and sake for lunch, went home and took a nap.

she is totally cool with the world spinning and the inevitability of change
she knows there will be good times and bad and every shade in between
knows what loss means, not like break-ups but real loss
her older sister was her everything her best friend
dressed her, taught her, loved her unconditionally
one evening her sister went out and never
came home asleep at the wheel

she thinks of her every second, speaks of her whenever she can
her voice a part of her being
around the clock
and so her story is told
part eulogy part-anthem part-prayer all poem

she loved circles, spoke of the circle of life
"we go round and round until complete"
or her mantra, "the wheel of life is love"
referred to earth as the circular planet
her favorite song was 'spin the black circle'
she often walked around while hula hooping
or twirling like a ballerina, she was a circle, complete.

even in sunny LA there are cloudy days
and on those days she likes to
listen to nirvana and scream
at the grey sky, at status quo
at the banality of a lost world
the dimming of a bright future
rape culture and racist nations
false prophecies breeding politicians

there's something about kurt's voice
that deep angst rich in metaphor
three piece thunder behind it
the music still speaks to her
a chance to let go
break the chains
shatter ceilings
and scream at it all

tell the world how she feels
tell the world to fuck off

and wait for the sun to shine
whatever, nevermind.

"it's weird to see your face in the rain," she said.

and continued, "i'd hold onto you forever but i gotta' go
is happening, honey, time to dance
listen to you heart..."

"bah-boom, bah-boom!"

kissed him on the cheek, walked away and she sang, "everything and nothing, baby,
it's all happening now."

life will kick your ass only if you let it, to be human is to fall
to fail, to get knocked down, but that's not what it's about
it's about the getting up, in spite of whatever. get up

that's the struggle she identifies with, that will to fight for the underdog or the forgotten
the kid who didn't get picked or who has shitty parents or who just needs to know they are loved
fight for those who have no voice or no home or anybody who gives a shit about them

that's what she wants to do with her life, that's what she's done with her life
against a system that wants to forget those it left behind struggle
to be heard in a muted world struggle

there is always a good fight to be fought and she is not afraid of what her heart has told her to do
what her soul knows to be true, what she believes in is how she casts her shadow
how she sleeps so soundly through the night.

she looked skyward into the blue hue and whispered
"conclusions are never as scripted so better to see life as ritual, a ceremony
of flesh embodied by spirit, of being who you are where you are, of opening perception laced doors."

she walked under the tall majestic palm tree drenched streets of los angeles
she felt the warmth of an eternal sun and the cool of a marine layered breeze
she knew she was home as she kept moving amidst the glow of a widening rainbow

she felt like a circle, yes, but not yet complete
so she continued on doing
what she does best

living and evolving
a life
the moment

shining in her eyes
under the bright
southern california sky.

copyright 2017 Scott C. Kaestner