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  April 2019
volume 16 number 1
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  Rich Follett
  Dani Raschel Jiménez
  Terry McCarty
  Simon Perchik
  Kevin Ridgeway
  Opalina Salas
  Annette Marie Smith
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Terry McCarty April 2019



    Terry McCarty has been writing poetry in, around (and sometimes about) Los Angeles since 1997. His education in the craft was achieved through Olin Tezcatlipoca's Saturday afternoon workshops at Midnight Special Bookstore in Santa Monica CA plus Don Kingfisher Campbell's Wednesday workshop in Pasadena CA. He has read and/or featured at several venues in Los Angeles and Orange County--plus Northern California, Las Vegas NV, Seattle WA and Austin TX. Books include Hpllywood Poetry: 2001-2013, Never Met Bukowski and the recent Rewrites. Terry also has been published in anthologies including 1001 Nights: Twenty Years of Redondo Poets at Coffee Cartel (edited by Jim Doane and Larry Colker), The Long Way Home: The Best of the Little Red Books (Lummox Press), So Luminous the Wildflowers (Tebot Bach), Van Gogh's Ear and Raundi Kai Moore-Kondo's Short Poems series.




start out in one period of life
switch rapidly to another
the dead live again
the living become shadows

and people you’ve never met
become unreliable companions

brief interruptions:
new pair of pajamas

then return
to a random state of mind

copyright 2019 Terry McCarty



Hello, State of In-between

Hello, state of in between,
Wish I wasn’t meeting you again
Reminding me I’m still here
Standing at the usual corner
In the neighborhood I never left
Instead of where I want to be—
Climbing up from underground
Swiping off my electronic distraction
And switching on the light inside

copyright 2019 Terry McCarty



Lizard Brain

supposed good boy
from good family
visiting nation's capital
wears his big red
I'm-with-stupid-leader cap
stands toe to toe
with man of different race/religion
boy's face wears superiority smirk
as he grows smaller
while the man
staying true to his spirituality
is the real Great American

copyright 2019 Terry McCarty