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  November 2013
volume 10 number 2
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t. joseph dunn November 2013



art by jeni bate

    Coming of age on the arctic tundra of Wisconsin, t. joseph dunn has dabbled in word-play for nearly half a century, finding their therapeutic qualities much cheaper than psycho-analysis. An activist, and advocate for social justice, dunn has lived in California since 2001, mostly in Topanga Canyon, with occasional stints in Berkeley, and the Central Coast.



The Light Amidst the Darkness

oh, poets and painters
sculptors, singers and players of lute
radical philosophers
"homos" and hippies and homies

marxists of every persuasion…

no matter how dark & dangerous
these times seem to be
regardless of how repressive
reactionaries become

hold true to your beliefs…

these are in fact “those halcyon days”

an actor’s inspiration
is suffering endured

battle-worn and scarred
down-struck & dumbfounded

I was driving the autumn highway
eastbound through the land of bitter contempt
prodded by billboard
and angry voices on radio
speaking in tongues
preaching “revolution”
urging you and me and our red-blooded kin
to drink from the tea flavored kool-aid of hatred
to “take out the trash!”
to lock up the doors and throw away the key…

and then there were those who called themselves “patriots”…
flag-waving birchers
free-loading tax cheats

the conspiracy of egalitarianism
too much for them to comprehend

the fact of the matter
is that there have always been bigots

always have been and always will be…

but each and every time
the seeds of oppression are sown
it is the artist’s domain
to chronicle resistance

to write the organizing songs of working class
to paint the murals
to author comedy from tragedy

today the harvest is bountiful….
poisoned and bitter-sweet

but use it to your advantage…

you are the creative souls in search of inspiration
you are the artists and truth-seekers
the counter-insurgents
the wild and delirious
the passionate bleeding hearts
who will free the minds of those
who have yet to see the light

copyright 2013 t. joseph dunn



Doomsday Preppies

he keeps a 30-year supply
of khakis and gucci loafers
deep in his underground bunker

an extra set of clubs to ensure his putting game doesn’t suffer

a martini shaker
and an ample supply of single malt scotches
if emergencies should occur

a monogrammed bug-out bag
filled with such necessities as caviar and perrier

his brand new audi finely-tuned, fueled and ready
to whisk both he and his beautiful muffy
safely away
should chaos reign
and the country club be breached

pragmatically, he keeps the library in his bunker
well supplied with books on navigation
so that he and his financial advisors
can sail away from nantucket
to the grand cayman islands
where taxes are non-existent
and where he can scuba-dive the coral reefs
when nuclear bombs and locust plagues
catastrophically descend upon the earth

copyright 2013 t. joseph dunn