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  November 2019
volume 16 number 2
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  Matt McGee
  Toti O'Brien
  bc Petrakos
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bc Petrakos
November 2019



    Has written tons of stuff, been lucky to have had a few stories, plays, poems published; she has done shows in lots of fine places including, London, Berlin, Edinburgh, Stockholm, and many beatific places in California. She has been nominated for Pushcart Prize, Best of The Web,has two books published by Sybaritic Press, and has won a few prizes for writing plays; publishes poets and writers as an editor at International Word Bank.





In the kitchen, in the coldest day of the first month of the coldest year in memory.
Dina, decided to bake some bread. She was on a special diet, so this was a challenge.

There was buckwheat to mill, and youtube videos to watch, husks and grains and eggs, seeds and nuts and flour substitutes and sugar substitutes. Then no yeast, unless it was brewers yeast, and no milk, unless it was goat milk, and no oil, unless it was coconut oil, because now coconut oil is healthy, really healthy. So the bread Dinas was about to make would be, flour free, sugar free, yeast free, dairy free, home made healthy oil, hand made bread.

She accomplished this bread making feat, and it was so good, so very good that after a slice, she decided, it was so healthy, so very healthy, that a second slice would be no problem. It was in fact, flour free, gluten free, sugar free, coconut oiled, seed filled, nutty, buckwheat, high fiber and oh so healthy bread. So, a second slice would in fact, be good for her. So, good for her that it would not hurt a bit if she slathered some, just a tiny bit, just a few dabs of jelly.

After having her little tiny sliver of her newly made, very healthy bread with a tiny dab of jelly, there was a distinct impression that this very healthy, flour free, sugar free, yeast free, dairy free, seeded coconut oiled, healthy healthy bread would be really good with peanut butter, just a dab, just a tiny bid of this new healthy bread, with a little spoon of peanut butter. This was a very good idea, but would be better if it was toasted. So she sliced her very healthy, flour free, gluten free, sugar free, coconut oiled, seed filled, nutty, buckwheat, high fiver oh so healthy bread and it was perfection. Which made her think that another small piece, toasted with peanut butter and just a taste, a bit, a dab of jelly would be so good, just the best thing she could possibly have on this very cold, winter day. It was in that moment that she realized the bread loaf was half-ed. She ate HALF a loaf of bread, it happened so quickly, it was not her intention. Her intention was to just have a little taste. Her intention was to have this healthy bread for the whole week. To show her room mate this astonishing alternative to processed poison, to adhere to her diet parameters. Her intention was to be healthy, and lean living. Consuming a half loaf of bread was NOT lean living. In fact, it was most certainly a diet break. She had literally over stepped her health limits, she knew it now, it was not her fault, it was the fault of this demon bread.
This easy to make, tasty treat was to be her downfall. She would never be able to fit in her blue jeans again, and it was the fault of the bread. Dina was at a turning point, something must be done! Immediately! This chewy, nutty, tasty, supposed healthy bread was not her friend! It must be destroyed.
There was a fleeting thought to toss it into the trash, but it did take some pretty expensive, ingredients,
there was time and effort to create it, it wasn't bad on its own, it was just tempting. So, she decided to wrap it up, and put it in a tupperware container and put that container into the fridge.
Dina, would walk away from it, put it out of her mind, save the other half for the rest of the week, as planned, as intended. She would stick to her intention. She would forgive herself the eating of the half a loaf of bread and go on with her day. She did just that, she wrapped it up, put it in a container, tossed it in the fridge. She went to watch television. Her favorite thing was to watch murder mysteries, from the UK. English folk, walking in the rain, solving murders, having tea, and toast. Which reminded her of that tasty, tasty, bread in her refrigerator, sitting there, with its nutty goodness. Healthy bread, nutty, flour free, sugar free, etc.. It was so delicious toasted, it would be so good with tea. She hesitated, she shifted in her seat.

As she watched she noticed that the UK dramas, always had alcohol, tons and tons of drinks, drinking beer, and whiskey when ever they were not having tea and toast, it seemed like smart people in the UK ate toast and tea and drank whiskey constantly. But she also noticed, that with the exception of Periot, they were all very thin and energetic and smart, crime solving smart.

The thought came to her that if she had Whiskey with the Tea and Toast, then maybe it would be like a perfect storm of lean living. All the old detectives lived in this way. She decided to watch her show and live as they live, eat as they ate! They lived LEAN, they were, with the exception of Periot, all thin! Living LEAN, smart and lean! So she did as they did till all the bread was toasted and tea was made and Whiskey was put in half glasses and sipped, so all the bread was toasted and so was Dina.

copyright 2019 bc Petrakos