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  April 2019
volume 16 number 1
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  Ron Burch
  Alex Gardner
  Greg Patrick
  Angel Uriel Perales
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Angel Uriel Perales
April 2019



    Angel Uriel Perales is a writer whose biographical details are not important. Please enjoy his poetry.



In the Closed City Of Nizchny Novgorod Previously Named Gorky

    OPA-39 was the first operator-agent to report to The Authority the mounting suspicions and rumors regarding the mandatory high afternoon tea break supplied daily at 5:30pm. The control tea leaves and commodity for this group in Gorky was the Bedford-Variant 4 involving 50 subjects. OPA-39’s first report was recorded on day 745 of the control, approximately a little over two years into this experiment.
    Similar to the group in Tomsk, OPA-39, as the first informer, presented himself apologetically as the de facto spokesperson for the group. He was voted to speak for the group because of his military background, his involvement in his youth with the Komsomol, and his early addition to the Communist Party. In his first tentative report, he presented as embarrassed but also with paranoid tendencies and anxious as if under duress. In his first report he described adequately the modal time shifts (which he called “dimensions”) and that most of the group had correctly ascertained that the source of the time shifts was the imbibing of the mandatory tea. These facts are also congruent with the Tomsk group. Similarly to Tomsk, the Gorky group guessed incorrectly the number of modal time shifts. The Gorky group guessed 28 different time shifts. Tomsk guessed 25 before the time shifts repeated themselves. (We don’t yet know why the subjects undergoing daily time physical relocations overestimate the number of confirmed MTS zones. This fact bears more detailed study and data.) OPA-39 also reported that the group as a whole had rejected the idea that their participation in being evaluated and recorded in the old unused Soviet barracks of the closed city of Gorky was for a long-term sleep study. They had rejected this idea within 6 months, much earlier than Tomsk, but had not reached a group conclusion until after the Christmas Eve celebration on January 6th of this year as to the actual scientific purposes for their group evaluation, much later than Tomsk. They reached a consensus after much drinking and feasting. This group had apparently also devised their own theory as to their paid presence in the dormitories, created their own experiments to test their theory, and carried out their own experiments to varying degrees of success.


    OPA-39 reported that he first became suspicious because of a missing button on his jacket. He reports that the button re-appeared the next day on his jacket even though he had not sewed it back on but had planned on doing so the previous night. He then experimented on arranging and re-arranging the clothes hanging in his closet with some clothing aligning and re-aligning themselves depending on the day. He had to write this down on a notebook because photographs did not help since the time lapse between taking a photograph and developing the photograph was too long and he could not afford to buy a Polaroid camera or a mobile phone depending on the MTS zone.
    OPA-15 reported that she first became suspicious after a weekend when she helped her aunt move from her communal room to another communal room in the same public building in nearby Pyra. She helped move half the boxes from one room to another a floor up before she had to return for her sleep study. She returned to Pyra the next morning to find nothing had been moved and had to redo the job over again.
    OPA-28 had been working on the same motorcycle for over a year in his parking space. At first he thought he was suffering from forgetfulness because the task was rebuilding the motorcycle engine from scratch. Then he realized the job was taking too long even for his limited mechanical skills. He would carry his toolbox to his shared room every night to safeguard against theft in his dormitory but tools would appear and reappear in his toolbox. He accused his roommate of using his tools without permission and that was when OPA-27 informed him of the suspicions of the rest of the group.
    OPA-21 could not keep track of her birth control pills and became hopeful (expectant) with child on day 82. This was anticipated under surveillance. Her doctor’s medical reports sometimes indicated twins and sometimes not. She reported fatigue and duress and was the first to leave the program for maternity reasons on day 333. Subsequent questioning reveals that she was not party or conspiratorial to any rumors involving the experiment. Mother and baby are healthy and living in Podolsk MTS-2.
    Many subjects reported their suspicions were aroused by being served the same meal subsequent days even though the menu scheduled a different meal on a weekly calendar hand written in chalk on a blackboard in the mess hall.
    OPA-31 reported that the English language Western music station in Moscow would repeat the same playlist every other hour. (Upon further investigation, we concluded this is standard operating procedure for the radio station.)
    OPA-46, our resident diabetic, developed diabetic ketoacidosis as a result of her intermittent usage of insulin. Her problem is that she sometimes injected insulin after High Tea so she would not inject insulin on some days thinking that she had already done so earlier in the day. She was dropped out of the program on day 608. Opposed to OPA-21 who had not heard any rumors, OPA-46 had heard and considered the source of the rumors and the experiment but seemed to put no stock to the validity of the rumors upon interrogation. UPDATE: OPA-46 died of heart failure aggravated by diabetes and alcoholism on August 8th.
    Most of the changes and irregularities reported were to us insignificant but took great value when discussed in a group setting. Irregularities such as bus and train schedule changes, changes in sports and entertainment programming on television, sometimes even the news read and found on the internet or delivered newspapers was detailed different or had a variant spin from one MTS to another.
    OPA-12 became irate and threatened OPA-26 with a fire poker when the Serbian National team was programmed to play the Danske National team on Eurosports-1 but the programming was absent. In fact, the Bundersliga itself had no contract to broadcast their league games at all with Eurosports-1 during that particular MTS. This was great information to obtain specific from the Gorky group since entertainment and sports programming changes and irregularities on television are the first irregularities noticed within all control groups across the board.


    The Gorky control group is compromised and of no further scientific value. The Authority recommends releasing the control subjects across all MTS zones with the bulk released into MTS-11. Within a year and with much discretion the Gorky group needs to be silenced and neutralized because, if the Tomsk group is any indication, rumors and speculation tends to spread into conspiracy and The Authority does not want the Gorsky group to augment the conspiracies already festering and barely under control across all MTS zones.
    The following operator-agents may be spared:
    OPA-1 did not participate in the mandatory High Tea for much of the experiment. She tended to stay in her room and paint. She was surprised and oblivious and laughed off the rumors and conspiracies as ridiculous.
    OPA-7 did not like tea and drank coffee instead or Baikal soda during the period of High Tea. We don’t believe she ever relocated past MTS-1 or if she did she never got past MTS-3 on the first round. She was completely perplexed on interrogation although she did mention her vivid dreams of her group turning on her en masse. We believe she will integrate back into MTS-1 with little to no recollection of the experiment.
    OPA-19 and OPA-20. OPA-20 is the father of the baby born to OPA-21. After OPA-21 left he then conducted a sexual affair with OPA-19 which took place usually during the period of High Tea. They are both not concurrent with any timeline which gave rise to the rumors and speculations of the experiment. At the moment they both believe they are part of a long-term sleep study.
    OPA-21 left the program early and her involvement was limited.
    OPA-32 is a heavy hash smoker who smokes kosyak hand rolled papirosies daily. He rarely attended any of the mandatory activities and was late or skipped the curfews imposed and rarely followed regulations. Upon interrogation, he seemed to have forgotten the purpose of the study for which he was being paid. On some days, he would travel up to an 8 hour round trip by train to obtain his hash somewhere in the inner rings of Moscow.
    OPA-3, OPA-9, OPA-42 all displayed and presented a healthy attitude towards the experiment. All three were excited about the possibility of modal time shifts being true. All three positively agreed that a careful study of modal time shifts could only help The Authority and consequently the nation better understand our world and would help the Federacy retain global supremacy in the world across all modal time shifts. Our recommendation is that Gorky group OPA-3, OPA-9, and OPA-42 be instituted and trained within The Authority as future investigative social scientists, recorders, or technologists conducting future experiments in understanding, studying, and controlling the discovery of modal time shifts if they are cognizant enough to accept the job offers.

copyright 2019 Angel Uriel Perales