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see the help/faq before starting, it can save you a lot of time reformating your text

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why 2 emails, addresses, phone? You will notice there are 2 spaces asking for email, address and phone number. The first space asking for email is manditory so we can contact you and is for our use only. The optional section under the bio is for any contact info you want published with your bio, so if you have a second email for the public or a mailing addres, include it here. The last section if for additional contact info that you don't want release to the entire world. It will only be available to our staff and used for website business only.
formating your work

work published on the web will only look like it does on paper or in your word processor if it is properly formated. Here's some basics.

At the end of each line of your poem, add the following code <br>

To add a space between stanzas or paragraphs, add <br> in the open line or add <p> before the first line and </p> after the last line of the stanza/paragraph.


roses are red.<br>
violets are blue.<br>
some poems rhyme,<br>
and some don't.<br>

<p>roses are red.<br>
violets are blue.</p>

<p>some poems rhyme,<br>
and some don't.</p>

Being tricky...
for bold type, use <strong> before and </strong> after text you want bold.
for italics, use <em> before and </em> after text you want to italicize.
to indent, adding &nbsp; &nbsp; (there is a space after each "&nbsp;") in front of the line will add a 4 space indent.

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